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Alien Advice has put together some helpful links that lend more info towards a variety of extraordinary topics!!! is Heidi Hollis' main site for her discussion group. Here you'll read more about Heidi's background, view an alien gallery, read full paranormal stories and more!

The Shadows or Shadow People site, is Heidi's site dedicated to this phenomenon. Her book, The Secret War, is also the first and only book written on this topic. You'll also find a gallery of Shadows and other info about them there.

The Light Side is a rare site that speaks of having positive alien contact, not abductions and experiments.  This is a good site to view if you want to see another side with different alien beings.

JINJ: Jesus Is No Joke is Heidi's site focused on more spiritual and holy encounter aspects.  Here you'll find info about Heidi' new book, and other info.

Cafth Speaks is a site that details the contact experience that Heidi and a friend had with this being named Cafth. This site also entails some answers to a variety of questions that have posed to this non-abducting and positive alien being.

This a great resource for the latest news on any variety of topics.  You'll find a lot of info here on just about anything and anyway to learn about a paranormal topic. Alien Advice the column also gets placed on this site!

This is an interesting site that reports stories of people having had holy encounters, weeping statues, and a variety of other holy reports.

For ghost stories, info on what ghosts are, ghost photos and anything else ghost related, this site is the place to go!

This site is just loaded with research, articles and stories about Near Death Experiences.  If you have an interest in this subject, this is one site not to pass up!

Angel encounters, visions, whispers...anything angel related, this site has it.  It's a beautiful site with heaps of inspiration!

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