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The Adventure...

Well, I've been looking into UFO and paranormal matters for over 15 years now trying to solve some odd instances that have happened in my own life. Lots of that is chronicled on my main website www.UFO2U.com and in my book featured on this site called The Secret War. Little did I know where my searching would lead me and that I would be in the position to potentially help others in uncovering their own answers.

And you know what? It really is about finding answers for yourself because there's nothing anyone can tell you that is worth its weight quite like experiencing and knowing things for yourself. So I'm all about helping people lean towards finding out their own answers and letting in information that feels right to "them."

What I'm talking about isn't science fiction and it's truly not to be taken lightly, but in order to get this stuff across I try to do so as humanly as possible. I say that because when I see people get all stressed and serious on topics of the odd sort, it can scare people away so they surely won't understand any of it if they are afraid. So I do speak of this topic pretty casually and even humorously at times, but trust me when I say it does all run very deep with me so don't take me wrongly in my approach.

So--I will do my best to help shed some light on any variety of topics that come my way. I have some first-hand experiences that I draw from to help me understand where people are coming from in their out-of-the-ordinary experiences, as well. So I'm not just pulling my advice out of a hat or crystal ball.

Personally I've dealt with all sorts of things from aliens and Shadow People, to government harrassment, holy visions, angels, ghosts and even poltergiest activity. Seems like a stretch doesn't it? But all I can do is be honest with myself and to others about what comes my way and I hope its all come my way for a reason = to help others - yet still keep my head on my shoulders so as not to look like a "guru" or "know-it-all."

I just think it's time we start thinking of the unphysical aspects of our world since, believe it or not, it's a part of our reality too !  So hey, I'm all about keeping it real without trying to back everything up with a piece of science or skeptical muck--there are plenty of other sites dedicated to that stuff but you won't find it here.  There's no judgement on people's personal experiences in the air on Alien Advice, so feel free to join in to explore the mysteries that lean into our personal space and leaves questions on our minds...

~Heidi Hollis~



Heidi Hollis is the founder of the UFO and paranormal discussion group UFO2U, since August 1998. She is actively involved in bringing the paranormal into the mainstream so as not to be thought of as uncommon. She has written for a variety of venues (UFO Magazine (UK), Unknown Magazine, Weird Magazine and more) and is currently working on projects that are aiming to put together television shows dedicated to understanding the paranormal.

She has CO-hosted the syndicated paranormal radio show SETLAB Chat and Magick Mind Radio.  She has also been interviewed for a variety of radio and television programs such as Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Sightings with Jeff Rense, Telemundo, SETLAB, Ghostly Talk, Steven Spielberg's Taken (tour), TBS, Mystery Hunters, Fox 6 News, and was the Co-star on Discovery Channel's pilot series called X-OPS. She has spoken across the country to thousands at conferences and conventions like the Ozark UFO Conference, Gen Con, First Contact, Cosmic Awareness Conference, Mega-Con, Millenni-Con, Mis-Con, JVL-Con and more! Heidi is also an aspiring screenwriter and accomplished comic strip artist who possesses a Bachelor of Science degree and is a certified Occupational Therapist-Registered.

Heidi will be speaking and appearing at a number of events, so please check out the calendar page on http://www.ufo2u.com to see if she'll be speaking and signing books near you!

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