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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Shadow People or Ghosts
Morgana Asks:
I have been having somewhat of a disagreement with some of the people in my e-group about what they call shadow people.  I will see a shadow out of the corner of my eye and when I turn I see a person.  Sometimes, they are barely there other times I can make out features and expressions. I can feel what they are feeling, be it malice or sadness or fear.  I have seen a little girl, who just seems lost and lonely and sad.  I have seen a grown man in dirty jeans and carrying a dirty pack, his eyes were completely black, no whites and the feelings of malevolence were so strong I ran a stoplight to get away from him. I also have repeatedly seen a little boy, his eyes are brown, but he exudes evil like a demon or devil.  I once saw a lady dressed in white, she loved children and she just wanted to play, since I was afraid when I saw her, she just came and watched me until we moved from the house.  I have even seen two family members this way, first the shadow then I turn and there they are.
What do you think?
Heidi Responds:
Hi Morgana,
Shadow people are not ghosts, and don't appear as anything other than something black and shadowy...but not as a child or in jeans and such...what you've mentioned sounds much like ghosts.  Check out my site to  see drawings of what they look like and what they do...I hope this helps you out and I wish you the best...sounds like you have a gift for seeing the deceased :)
Morgana Responds:
I am happy to say the only one I have seen is hat man, again on a dark patch of NM highway.  Otherwise, nothing on the site resembled what I see. Thank you for answering me.
6:23 pm cst 

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