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Sunday, November 27, 2005

What to do if you see the Shadow People

Alex Asks:



     I was listening to "Kerrang radio" the other night. It was “Tim Shaw's Asylum” (UK) and they were talking to someone about aliens and advice and they mentioned this website. While I was lying in bed nearly falling asleep they mentioned Shadow People that choke you in your sleep and this freaked me out because I was lying in bed at the time.


Now I’ve seen shadowy people in the corner of my eye before but never gotten close and It would help me if you could give me as much advice about these creatures and what to do when with one.


Heidi Responds:


Hey Alex,


The person that was talking on Tim Shaw's Asylum UK radio show, was indeed me.  And I'm sure that while listening to the program while lying in bed had to get your motors running and expecting the worst to come your way.


I believe you when you say that you feel you've seen shadowy people from the corner of your vision.  They seem to be cropping up everywhere all the time these days as the veil of their cover thins out in this world.  It's also best to note that many people see such things from the corner of their vision due to our peripheral vision being more sensitive to differences between the light and dark. 


Now, you've asked what to do if you see such a thing again or even up-close.  First off, consider yourself lucky that you haven't experienced them in your personal space.  But if you were to, best thing to do is to try and contain your fear. They love to get a rise out of people, so much so, that when people lose their fear they often leave quickly.


Once you are clearer with your fear reduced, keep a prayer rolling in your heart and mind as you throw out a wall of no doubt that you can get rid of this sucker that's antagonizing you.  This is key, they don't like anything that is positive and whatever your positive beliefs may be, use this as a defense.  These things especially hate the name of Jesus--with your faith behind the name of course. 


Having "no doubts" about your convictions in being able to get rid of this creature is also important. If you show one inch of cowering, or striking out at it in anger, this thing gets the upper hand. 


So stand strong, don't back down, keep a prayer line open, and chuck your fear to the side.  Sounds easy almost, but when these things strike it's usually when you are alone and vulnerable while sleeping--it's a cowardly approach but this is what they do.  Let them know who's boss, but again, let's just hope it never comes to any of this.


Hope this was informative for you.


11:14 am cst 

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