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The FIRST Book Ever Written About Shadow People!!!


Now is your chance to read how it all happened, where Shadow People were first discovered, named and defeated.  This book highlights the true story of alien conflict, upclose and what is going with abductions, contact and how the various alien beings are all involved.  The Secret War has been monumental in understanding aliens and Shadow People--this Secret War is coming everyone's way and it's best to know what to do when faced with the conflict! 







Heidi Hollis' Newest Book: 
Picture Prayers !!

If there were ever a subject that may need a fresher coat of paint, prayers would be near the top of that list - well at least for some of us.  For those of us who were raised in the tradition of Christian homes, we all know the drill when it comes to striking a pose for prayer.  When aiming to present yourself to God, it was expected that all eyes be closed, heads bowed, fingers clasped and ‘Amen’ had better follow anything you might have just muttered under your breath.


This is the personal and true story of one young woman’s struggle to pray with intention, sincerity and depth only to be taught these elements from an angelic presence to pray with just a glimpse at a picture in mind, heart and soul.


“Prayer can be done this quickly, this is how we communicate”, an angelic voice whispered.  Thus, Picture Prayers were relayed and a new form of prayer had come into light for her and quite possibly, the world.  It was all so quaint, so poised and so natural; praying in pictures had changed her life and connection with God forever!

Jesus Is No Joke

   Jesus Is No Joke-an honest perspective about encounters with Jesus:
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Heidi Hollis' book Jesus Is No Joke is making a difference. Find out more and what the critics are saying about it:
This is the true story of four incredible encounters with a Son who said He would return and has (at least for one person)--Jesus! 

One day He will return for all to see, this is the story of one person's personal account of His Presence today and how He inspired Hollis to inspire others to stand up for their spiritual rights ~even in the face of paranormal odds...


To read more about JINJ or how to order your own signed copy, please visit:

Books are available to order worldwide at your local bookstore!

Book Reviews on JINJ:

JINJ Gets a 5 Star Review From Midwest Book Review!!!

A raw outpouring of pure emotion from someone who is hardly a member of the clergy - "Jesus is No Joke: A True Story of an Unlikely Witness Who Saw Jesus" is the tale of Heidi Hollis and her religious experience after one random nap – which revolutionized her life and changed it forever. She explains what she saw and pours out real, true emotion – with little political motivation that one so often hears from the ordained clergy. An inspiring and encouraging tale for spiritual people, "Jesus is No Joke: A True Story of an Unlikely Witness Who Saw Jesus" is a must for community library spirituality and Christian studies collections.

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief ~Midwest Book Review


Pure Inspiration Magazine Gives Glowing Book Review:
I am the editor and co-founder of a spiritual magazine, Pure Inspiration, so what I do day in and day out is read books, articles, and other materials pertaining to spiritual matters. Much of what I receive is, frankly, not of great interest to me. Having said that, I recently received Heidi Hollis' book, Jesus Is No Joke, and began to read it. It was so good that I took it home and read the entire book within a day or two. Heidi's writing style simply drew me in -- it's natural, refreshingly "real," and enthusiastic. Best of all, she has something to say. Her encounters with Jesus were riveting and inspiring and they conveyed, above all, the feeling of Jesus' reality. Heidi writes from her heart, her soul, and after reading this book, I felt that I knew her, appreciated her, and admired her courage. A must-read for those who seek the Light.
Robert Becker/Editor, Pure Inspiration Magazine~May 15th, 2008

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Radio Show: Heidi Hollis-The Outlander

 If you are looking for my live one-on-one response posts here...well it's all been transformed into my newer Radio Show: Heidi Hollis-The Outlander on Spirit Guide Radio, Powered by CBS Radio The Sky!

Check it out sometime and hear me answering your emails and questions LIVE every Monday at 10PM CST here:

Hear the archives for past shows here:

 Keep your emails coming, I'm still here!



11:24 pm cst 

Friday, May 7, 2010

Alien Advice is Active!!!

It's been a busy time for myself and this column!  I'm getting a swell of letters sent my way and I'm doing my best to get through them.  I'm trying to keep the Youtube videos going to answer some of your letters, answer personal emails directly AND keep my column going in Weird Magazine!!! 

I'm having an absolute blast doing it all, so keep the letters coming and I'll keep responding!

1:27 pm cdt 

Friday, February 26, 2010

Write Me for Personal Responses

Hey There,


This site is active and willing to take all emails sent.  This site has been transformed as way for people to search previous emails answered and view videos posted on YouTube to answer your emails: 


For up-to-date Alien Advice columns you can pick up a copy of Weird Magazine and if you have a question I will do my best to send you a personal response.  


So write to me at:  and I hope to hear from you soon!




11:31 am cst 

Friday, June 5, 2009

Alien Advice now is mainly a YouTube Channel

Yep, that's right!  Alien Advice has now been transformed into being a mostly YouTube Channel.  I've had the Channel up for some time and it seems people like that format best, and it tends to be more fun for me to do, as wel.

So if you a topic you'd like to ask me about...feel free to write me...send a video link my way...or tweet me on twitter and I'll do my best to get back to you!


1:49 pm cdt 

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Feel the Shadows but not actually see them?
Ralph Asks:
Dear Heidi,

My name is Ralph, and i found your UFO2U website, and I have read mostly all the content (at least I think) and I have a few questions.

First I read one part what the shadow people like to do to terrorize people. One is to sit on their chest and choke and one is to hold you down in your bed. 4 years ago about, When i started to sleep and mostly it happens in the day time, i would get "paralyzed" (while my eyes where close) and i couldn't move, every time i tried i couldn't but the harder i fought the faster it went away, I know this was not a dream because i was aware of what was going on. This has been happening for the past 4 years off and on, sometimes not happening for a year. Just recently twice this has happened and i actually hear voices, but not in English. I was wondering maybe this is a shadow person talking to me and holding me down?

Second. I have NEVER seen one, is this a good sign? or do i not have the ability to see them, are they not interested in me? Just wondering sense i have never seen info about people have not seeing them mostly just people who have.

Thanks for listening and I hope to hear from you

Heidi Responds:
Hi Ralph,
Not everyone has seen them...and some of them simply don't have the ability to...but they can sure sense them.  These things that are attacking you sound like the Shadows and they actually like it when people can't see them. If you can see your enemy you are more able to protect yourself. 
But since you can't they are more able to just keep on attacking you and getting you scared out of your mind and feeding off that fear you give off.  They get an adrenaline rush out of your fear much like we do when we get scared going down a roller coaster ride.
So yes...sounds like Shadows to me...and it sounds like it's time you get rid of them!  Please follow the method I sent you to go about living your life the way it should be: without terror. 
I wish you luck...and thanks for your letter!
1:09 pm cdt 

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Shadow People or Ghosts
Morgana Asks:
I have been having somewhat of a disagreement with some of the people in my e-group about what they call shadow people.  I will see a shadow out of the corner of my eye and when I turn I see a person.  Sometimes, they are barely there other times I can make out features and expressions. I can feel what they are feeling, be it malice or sadness or fear.  I have seen a little girl, who just seems lost and lonely and sad.  I have seen a grown man in dirty jeans and carrying a dirty pack, his eyes were completely black, no whites and the feelings of malevolence were so strong I ran a stoplight to get away from him. I also have repeatedly seen a little boy, his eyes are brown, but he exudes evil like a demon or devil.  I once saw a lady dressed in white, she loved children and she just wanted to play, since I was afraid when I saw her, she just came and watched me until we moved from the house.  I have even seen two family members this way, first the shadow then I turn and there they are.
What do you think?
Heidi Responds:
Hi Morgana,
Shadow people are not ghosts, and don't appear as anything other than something black and shadowy...but not as a child or in jeans and such...what you've mentioned sounds much like ghosts.  Check out my site to  see drawings of what they look like and what they do...I hope this helps you out and I wish you the best...sounds like you have a gift for seeing the deceased :)
Morgana Responds:
I am happy to say the only one I have seen is hat man, again on a dark patch of NM highway.  Otherwise, nothing on the site resembled what I see. Thank you for answering me.
6:23 pm cst 

Sunday, November 27, 2005

What to do if you see the Shadow People

Alex Asks:



     I was listening to "Kerrang radio" the other night. It was “Tim Shaw's Asylum” (UK) and they were talking to someone about aliens and advice and they mentioned this website. While I was lying in bed nearly falling asleep they mentioned Shadow People that choke you in your sleep and this freaked me out because I was lying in bed at the time.


Now I’ve seen shadowy people in the corner of my eye before but never gotten close and It would help me if you could give me as much advice about these creatures and what to do when with one.


Heidi Responds:


Hey Alex,


The person that was talking on Tim Shaw's Asylum UK radio show, was indeed me.  And I'm sure that while listening to the program while lying in bed had to get your motors running and expecting the worst to come your way.


I believe you when you say that you feel you've seen shadowy people from the corner of your vision.  They seem to be cropping up everywhere all the time these days as the veil of their cover thins out in this world.  It's also best to note that many people see such things from the corner of their vision due to our peripheral vision being more sensitive to differences between the light and dark. 


Now, you've asked what to do if you see such a thing again or even up-close.  First off, consider yourself lucky that you haven't experienced them in your personal space.  But if you were to, best thing to do is to try and contain your fear. They love to get a rise out of people, so much so, that when people lose their fear they often leave quickly.


Once you are clearer with your fear reduced, keep a prayer rolling in your heart and mind as you throw out a wall of no doubt that you can get rid of this sucker that's antagonizing you.  This is key, they don't like anything that is positive and whatever your positive beliefs may be, use this as a defense.  These things especially hate the name of Jesus--with your faith behind the name of course. 


Having "no doubts" about your convictions in being able to get rid of this creature is also important. If you show one inch of cowering, or striking out at it in anger, this thing gets the upper hand. 


So stand strong, don't back down, keep a prayer line open, and chuck your fear to the side.  Sounds easy almost, but when these things strike it's usually when you are alone and vulnerable while sleeping--it's a cowardly approach but this is what they do.  Let them know who's boss, but again, let's just hope it never comes to any of this.


Hope this was informative for you.


11:14 am cst 

Thursday, October 27, 2005

What's Up With Our Dreams?
Shekhar Asks:

How are you?
I have a few questions. How do you differenciate between an angel & a ghost?

What is the meaning of what we see in our dreams?
What effect do dreams have on our lives? 
I want to know the meaning of some dreams of mine n what effects can they have over me?

Heidi Responds:
Hi Shekhar,
Thank you for your email.  To tell the difference between an angel and a ghost, all depends on how it made you feel when you saw it.  Did it scare you?  Did it make you feel comfortable?  Was it intruding?  Was it cold?  These are some of the things that only you can answer.  Angels tend to feel fully positive, while ghosts can feel cold and nosey.
Then to answer your other questions that seem to lump towards the meaning of dreams:  Dreams seem to entangle more than just one line of thinking.  Sometimes we dream of what we had for lunch, who made us angry, and the crappy things that happen in life.
But then there are some of those dreams that stick and stay with us and get us to think or puzzle over.  Sometimes things seem symbolic in dreams, but then other times there are just too many darn details to ignore what our dreams reveal. 
The ones that really get me are of places that seem familiar or especially when they have a spiritual element to them.  Messages then seem to be dropped off into our heads and they actually cause us to change or grow in one way over another.  There is no mistaken then, that dreams that actually have an impact on our lives are somehow different than dreaming of eating a cupcake with sprinkles of hair on it. 
Sometimes I think it gets absurd how others think they can interpret our dreams for us, when we already know how to apply the lessons or hints we get in our dreams.  We only have to stop taking other people's word for that simple fact that they just don't know us well enough to say anything about anything. 
I hope this helped you Shekhar :)
6:33 pm cdt 

Flashing Lights = Paralysis?
Letter from Norma:
Hi Heidi
I was listening to a rerun of your program on Coast to Coast AM.  I have a question about a flashing light.  On two different occasions I have had a flashing (blinking) light that caused a strange sensation, fear, and paralysis.  It beamed directly into the window beside my bed.  If there was an abduction, I have no conscious recall.  The first time it happened I was standing up and tried to tell my husband who was in bed but had just talking to me. I kneeled on the bed and just slumped over. 
I was immobilized but still able to think.  I told myself  "I can and I will move".  I fought to reach for my husband to tell him.  He was sleeping beside me.  I was unable to wake him and the movement wasn't real effective.  But the next day I had such a terrible pulled muscle in my arm that I couldn't dress myself for a week.  Have you ever heard of this?
Heidi Responds:

Hi Norma,

There have been many cases and reports where people who have been rendered immobile, have seen odd flashing or even beaming lights.  They have also reported how when in this state, that their spouse who can be lying right next to them, seem to be in some sort of induced state of their own. 


For others who have not been fully paralyzed and are able to move or even scream, their spouse still just lays there...even after a firm smack to get their attention! 


So, sorry to say, that if you recall there being a flashing light and then the paralysis came, but you were fully unfortunately sounds like some alien tampering going on.  Many people don't recall what happened after being paralyzed in the manner you describe, and I don't want to put suggestions into your head...or even make you think that you had a seizure either...but these are both logical thoughts to have to explain away the possibilities.


But I'll tell you one sneaking suspicion I have for you...


For you to first go the route of even thinking that these incidences are alien related...makes me think that you followed your instincts on this and it led you to a conclusion already.  Trust yourself, and trust that no one can tell you for certain what you personally experienced.


Good luck in your ventures and I hope this helped  :)

6:16 pm cdt 

Monday, September 19, 2005

A New Beginning for Alien Advice
With new projects flying forward all of the time, it's been difficult to maintain and keep up with all of my websites as a one-person team!  But I am happy to say that I have created a pretty good track record in getting back to everyone who has written me with their questions...and even having some of them published in other venues outside of this website!
Now with a new look to Alien Advice, two new books completed, an easier way to post the letters coming in to this site and some really cool things happening that I will be able to announce seems like a fine time to launch Alien Advice and make sure it stays on a more consistent let's do this thing...shall we? 
Let the questions begin once again!!!
4:56 am cdt 

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